Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Choose to Do

In Self magazine, Zoey Deschanel, one of my favorite actresses, said something truly inspiring.

“Most people spend too much time comparing themselves to others. Get to know yourself a little bit better. Stop and ask yourself a few questions and think about you.”

“Don’t overthink. If it feels right, do it!”

One questions she recommends asking is: What have been your favorite projects ever?

Her answer: “My high school plays and records I’ve made with my band, She & Him.”

I also loved her suggestion to choose a theme song for your life. Zoey’s is currently ‘Friends of Mine’ by the Zombies.

So my current theme song? Hardcore Till I Die by DJ Hixxy, vocals by my talented friend Zoe VanWest…because today is a Zoe/y day ^_^

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thought of the day

Thought of the day
Inspired by the yard full of mushrooms and toadstools
Just because science can explain it, doesn't mean that its not magic.

Monday, May 16, 2011

May Updates

Wow...I'm a horrible blogger...its been months since I last wrote anything for I Chose Happiness, sorry.
I have, however, updated a lot on I Chose Health and the EcoGoth blog. I recommend you check them out.

I do have even more projects coming up so I will not go as far as to promise more writing for this blog, but I will say I will try to keep everyone updated about things that make me happy and might do the same for you.

For now,
Love and Light for all,
Happy Chic

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Raw Emotions

I love this song and hope that a cd of Angela Stokes-Monarch's many amazing songs becomes available in the future.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Made Me Smile

Sorry I'm not posting much lately, been busy with EcoGoth and some articles on detoxing and just life in general.
I did want to post that I was recently introduced to the music of Kerli after a really sad day and it brightened me up so much and still does. I ran across this video that Kerli made to brighten up the day of a little girl who was sick. She's such an inspiration for happiness. I hope you like it too.

Monday, August 23, 2010

August Updates

Sitting at Earth Fare enjoying yerba mate and a vegan cookie today and I thought I'd share a bit of my recent happiness with my readers.

September is just around the bend as with the new month comes 3 major stressers into my life.
Marriage, moving, and job change are three of the 5 biggest stressers a person can go through and all 3 at once are already making my life hectic.

Chad and I are getting married September 21st! I am so excited and the idea of spending the rest of my life with this wonderful man puts a smile on my face every day when I wake up and see his sleepy blue eyes (sorry to make you gag).
How do I deal with the stress of needing my dress hemmed, randomly remembering that the officiant still hasn't been paid a deposit, and poking and prodding my groom into a suit? I remember what this day is supposed to be all about, love and unity.
My wonderful parents are giving Chad and me a lovely wedding getaway so that we don't have to worry about family drama, who's gonna be a bridesmaid, money, and that chad and I just cannot pick a wedding cake flavor. I'm sure you know many married couples who will gladly advise you to elope due to the useless stress of a wedding and the debt afterward. I know I've certainly heard too many stories about brides spending their wedding receptions in tears over some family member or other saying or doing something to ruin the evening.
My advice as a bride-to-be, remember that this is about you and your husband-to-be, not about a cake or a dress or even a piece of paper. Remember the reason you said Will You Marry Me? and Yes! Remember this day is about starting the rest of your lives together, not about flowers and not even about the rest of your family.

Moving! We will be moving ot Lexington, KY a WEEK before the wedding! That's packing, moving 4 hours, unpacking, getting used to our new surroundings, and then repacking to get married in New Orleans, LA. If that's not enough to stress someone out, I'm not sure what is!
How to get around moving stress...
Well, the best thing to keep in mind is that it will all work out.
Next, don't procrastinate. We are already packing, throwing out things we don't want, and taking bags of stuff to the local thrift store. There is just no point in packing everything at the last minute only to realize once you get to your new home and question the purpose of a box of broken china meant for a mozaic that is never gonna be made...ehem...
Pack the knick knacks and pretties first. You wont' be using them any time soon and this way you'll remember aunt whatserface's fan and that fairy tea-light holder Chad bought me last Christmas...
Pack winter/summer clothes that you wont be wearing for another 3 months, or use a few as packing between those china plates and ceramic tea cups.
Stay happy by renewing your excitement about your new home and imagining how it's going to look decorated for Halloween...or that's what I'm doing anyways.

New Jobs!
being between jobs is always going to be hard. Thankfully, we don't have to worry too much about being without a job thanks to my industrious step-dad.
Best thing I can recommend for job hunting stress though, is pray. Pray about everything but in job hunting pray for the job meant for you, the one that you will be happy in, the one that will help you meant your monetary needs. Try not to be too specific because it could be that the job at the book store could be dealing with a horrible manager or the position at that office is only temporary which will have you looking for another job in a matter of weeks.

No matter what stressers are in your life, remember
Find ways to be happy
and good tings will come your way

Love and light,
Happy Chick